24/7 Yacht and Crew Assistance


Regardless if you are on a voyage with guests or having some time off between charters, our phones are always available, and our team is always ready to respond to any request you may have.

When it comes to our clients, no job is small or insignificant, so we accept any task with a brand new enthusiasm and smile. Our activities and excursions are all tailored to fit your preferences and time availability.

Guided by the philosophy that more satisfied the crew is, the better job will be done, we invest in making crew’s time more interesting and fulfilling. In order to know crew better and meet their needs, we are experienced in creating bonding activities, which give us both satisfaction and productivity.

It’s our pleasure to spend time with the crew, introducing them to some incredible tours and places within countries we offer our services.

Whether you are nature and history enthusiast, sunbather and beach lover, fun of nightlife or simply health and spa addict, we offer you a wide range of activities that will satisfy all your senses. From visit to the UNESCO Heritage Sites, sandy beaches, spectacular white water rafting, to the visit of the Ottoman and Venetian medieval towns, ancient monasteries, there is a plenty things to enjoy at Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro.

Assistance to crew is complementary and we are more than happy to accommodate any of your requests

  • Tour suggestions
  • Travel and transportation arrangements
  • Courier services
  • Hotel and restaurants reservations
  • Doctor/ Dentist appointments
  • Flight bookings
  • Restaurant /hotel reservations
  • Recommendations
  • Rental Cars
  • Visa and Shorepass arrangements