We do ordinary things extraordinary well!


AnD Yachting and Concierge is agency founded by a few experienced maritime professionals and it is guided by their genuine enthusiasm to make a difference in the industry. Always choosing quality over quantity, we are moving toward our goal by taking a lot of small steps and executing an extraordinary speed.


Our mission is:

  • To help Captains and crew to deliver unforgettable experience to the guests onboard, while incorporating inevitable charm of the local destination into the itinerary and delivering the high standard customer service that they are accustomed to.
  • To encourage the local communities and Maritime Authorities to improve and better understand needs of yachting clientele, in order to further develop Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro as a yachting destinations and to be able to cater superyacht community up to the highest level.


Our strategic directions are:

Developing personalized service

  • Yacht Owners and Charter Guest want to enjoy every aspect of their yachting dream, and we are working hard to make it right for our customers. By preparing customized itinerary for each client, incorporating their age, preferences and lifestyle into suggested tours and activities; providing accurate information, photos and local knowledge prior arrival, we want to make sure that all clients are familiar with destination and they have clear picture in mind what they can expect.

We encourage integrity and transparency in the industry

  • We build positive relationships through honesty, communication with clients and crew, making sure that they are always, in advance, aware of any costs associated with their trip.
  • Our fees are transparent and our rates are fair, reasonable and necessary to maintain the level of the service that we provide.

We adopt and innovate

  • We understand changes at the yachting market and we are continuously searching for more flexible, faster and cost effective ways to assist guests and crew.
  • Accurate and prompt information is our main working tool and by utilizing new technologies and social media we are trying to share as much of our knowledge to any yachts wishes to visit Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro.