Meet the Management Team


Our highly trained and motivated team ensures service consistency and professionalism in every port and everything we do, while setting the benchmark in serving super yacht community at Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro. Behind this endeavor, there are several highly motivated and experienced professionals leading the team, always aspired for overcoming challenges and making extraordinary results.


birkan ata

Founder and Director

“Years of working in yachting industry taught us how to meet even the most demanding requests. We are aware that in what we do there is no margin for mistakes. That is why we work 24/7, and we work hard to make it right for our clients.”


After 15 years spent in yachting industry, and 12 of those as a crew member from deckhand to Chief Officer , Birkan Ata, founder and director gained a veteran experience and ran to the top. His ambition, highly developed social skills, energetic approach and bursting desire to break the limits and always come up with something different, are top quality assurance to all those who give him their trust. As a true problem solver, Birkan never runs out of useful ideas, always finding new ways to speed up the realization, with sophisticated tone of persuasion when chasing his goal. Resourceful and adventurous, but at the same time pragmatic and “firmly grounded”, Birkan understands difficulties that the yacht crew face and lack of quality service at the areas where his company is operating nowadays. For Bikran, there are no boundaries, only stimulating challenges that make him hungry for the taste of life, and lead to the point where his name is treated like a brand in yachting industry.

Ajka Matijevic

Managing Partner at Croatia and Montenegro

“The fact that we operate in a less developed market, is not an obstacle, but a challenge for us to be even better in what we do.“


Working under different brand for several years, Ajka and her team have joined AnD Yachting and Concierge in 2016, but they have been delivering much needed personal attention, honesty and attention to details to Adriatic Yachting Market since 2010. Visionary, fierce, and with charisma that leaves nobody indifferent, Ajka combines her passion for sea with knowledge about yachting industry and hospitality service. Always ready to embrace “impossible” challenges, to keep the team together while turning almost unknown tourist destination to one of the most popular yachting spots in the Mediterranean, she makes everything look effortless. Her self-confidence grounded in years of experience make her first person you call for a solution when something goes wrong. For almost a decade, she and her extraordinary team have been making professional relations build on trust and honesty, making sure that quantity never take place over quality.

Huseyin Erlymaz

Managing Partner at Turkey

“We are here not only to help our clients with paperwork and understanding of local maritime rules, but also to provide the guests with an unforgettable experience to their guests and deliver highly standardized lifestyle which will not rebound from any luxurious world yachting destination.”


With a bachelor’s degree at engineering of marine transportation and business, Huseyin also holds Chief Officer Unlimited ticket. When it comes to merchant shipping industry, Huseyin built his identity as highly experienced mild-tempered person, naturally skilled to make extraordinary relations, both to colleagues and clients. Passionate about what he does, Huseyin tackles every problem with a smile, no matter what time of day or night it is. His strength lays in making and maintaining excellent local connections, which provide a great base for variety of new professional challenges. When we talk about job as a lifestyle, smile as an attitude and efficiency as a goal, we definitely talk about Huseyin.

Vojo Kosanovic

Yacht Operations Manager at Montenegro

“Montenegro is experiencing a yachting industry boom, and with the largest superyacht marina in the Med at our doorstep and we are here to welcome every challenge and cater to every client’s needs. We cooperate very closely with Port Authorities, marinas, pilots and other maritime entities, as well as with hospitality companies and local suppliers, in order to bring better understanding of our clientele and encourage improvement.”


On how thin the line between work and lifestyle is best witnesses the example of one of the most respected agents in Montenegro and pride of AnD Yachting and Concierge team, Vojo. Back in 2012, Vojo decided to utilize his Bachelor’s Degree at Marine Transportation and business, not assuming that his outgoing personality, problem solving nature, and extreme drive to get any job done would make him part of some of the leading yachts services at the region. Thanks to his friendly, but at the same time highly professional approach, Vojo made excellent local connections and gained clients trust. Competition, but at the same time fair-play, perfectionism, but also casual approach, with a personality and experience that leave nobody indifferent are traits that make Vojo irreplaceable AnD Yachting and Concierge team member.

Managing Director at Croatia

Mari Greget

“Any Captain is skilled enough to carry on charter at any destination. But, wise Captains know that their guests didn’t choose Croatia for great onboard service and watersport activities. That’s why they trust us to deliver local experience by revealing secret Croatian jams and hiden anchoring spots; basicaly to help them to protect their guest’s privacy.”


If you are looking for someone to meet all your traveling needs and organizes everything to the details,with the most charming smile, Mari is your person. Former director of Tourist board office in town of Komiža, Mari have been passionately promoting tourism on the Island of Vis for 6 years. Quality initiatives to meet multi-cultural customer needs, strategic planning and development to accommodate the changing visitor patterns and their travel needs are just some of the improvements Mari left behind when joined AND Yachting and Concierge Team on their mission to become leading superyacht agency at the region. Passionate traveler, zumba and salsa dancer, shows equally stunning virtuosity when it comes to promotion of tourism in her country and in delivering service to the clients. Young, energetic, never lacking enthusiasm, Mari spices up the team both with her professional approach and outgoing nature.

Yulia Kochak

Chief Administrator

Born in Russia, graduated both at Faculty of Law and Faculty of International Economics, Yulia is a key ingredient to keep this multicultural team synchronized on their mission. Professional reasons led Yulia to Turkish coast and she lived in Bodrum, Kusadasi, Cesme, Izmir and Istanbul, what made her a genuine seaside addict. Experience in international business together and true love for challenges made her a perfect candidate for a demanding job that she is doing. She speaks 3 languages but more important she understanding cultural differences between all of us, and has a perfect blend of knowledges and skills to assist any of us in any of challenges we are facing. Calm, persistent, with a capability to gain clients trust by understanding their needs and finding a solution to every problem, she is leaving a trace of a true professional in everything she does.

Jovana Kaludjerovic

Marketing and Social Media Associate

“Information is our main working tool and by utilizing new technologies and social media we are trying to share interesting, useful and accurate information to any yachts wishes to visit Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro. Stay tuned and follow up our blog for some great yachting tips.”


To be genuine you have to learn how to see everyday things in a quite unusual way, in order to make a great story. This adorable, psychologist by profession, dreamer by fate, and writing traveler by choice, has recently stumbled to us and brought great young, bold and fresh ideas. A bit mysterious, charming and in loved with everything blossoming, Jovana has the ambition to turn her passion for nature and writing into captivating stories on the blog that readers will fall in love at the first sight.