• All yachts are required to proceed to a designated Port of Entry for clearance with Authorities. Arrival / departure formalities are always preformed on the official border crossing (Q berth).

*Exceptions are yachts that are clearing in/out at the anchorage with special permission from Authorities and at Ports where that is allowed.

  • All foreign flagged yachts are obligated to obtain vignette (navigation permit)
  • Vignette must be displayed on a prominent position.
  • Validity period of a vignette is up to one year from the date on which it was issued.

Vignette serves as a proof of evidence that a foreign yacht:

  • has registered its entry into Republican waters;
  • has a valid Certificate of Registry;
  • has a master and crew members that are qualified for steering the yacht in accordance with the regulations of the yacht's flag state, such regulations being in compliance with the STCW Convention and/or Republican regulations;
  • has valid insurance cover against damage caused to third parties.
  • proof of ownership or authorization for use;
  • that the fee payable for marine safety objects and administrative fees are settled.

Vignette will be issued based on the following documentation:

  • Crew and/or passengers list
  • Certificate of Registry
  • Crew’s Certificates of Competency for desired crew rank
  • Valid Yacht insurance that covers all water toys and tenders that will be used at Turkish waters
  • Proof of the ownership for vessel, or a Captain’s Power of Attorney

Prior to leaving Republic of Turkey, yacht must undertake the Border Control with Harbor Master, Police and Customs.
Yacht must use the shortest way to leave Turkey immediately after completing the clearance out.
Once the clearance out is done, the yacht is forbidden to stop in Turkey, except for Force Mayor. In this case, the yacht has to contact the Agent and VHF 16 immediately.